Caroline Harrison Designs

About Us


Formally educated and an honour graduate from the School of Interior Design at Georgian College, it has been real world experience that has taught Caroline Harrison that ability is of little value and importance without an intuitive desire and passion for accomplishment.

Caroline Harrison was awarded the SDVA Award of Merit in 2009 and The Global Contract Scholarship for Excellence in Interior Design in 2010. Designer on HGTV “I Wrecked My House” and HOUZZ influencer and Best of HOUZZ many years running.

Through extensive travel in the UK, Europe and the Far East Caroline has created her personal signature style that is timeless and classic without being forced. Caroline’s approach for developing interior design concepts for clients is multifaceted.

First, there is the space whereby all raw interiors have a character or particular nature. This is a fact that many will overlook yet crucial to consider before appropriate modifications can take place. Second, and most importantly, is the CLIENT.

Caroline draws inspiration from the simple act of listening to clients and interprets their needs and vision through her expert lens to create a space that reflects both their life or business and their own personal style.


Caroline approaches every project much like she would her own home or business – with a clear and uncompromising objective to achieve an orderly and pleasing arrangement of design elements. A rhythm of colour tones and blend of textures that although different in structure, they share a practical and meaningful relationship that allow for a level of conformity and quality that remains constant throughout the space.

From the informal and casual to the sleek and sophisticated, it is the thoughtful development of skill and expertise that allows Caroline to transform environments in a manner that reveals the unique character of its occupants. A blend of materials and furnishing tastefully orchestrated to demonstrate the correctness of details with a depth of style measured by their ability to adapt.


Not all components of design are conspicuous nor are the needs of every client or interior the same.
Departure from the common place so as to create unique difference according to the attributes and characteristics of a space is a particular specialty for Caroline Harrison Designs Inc.

Through a collaborative approach, Caroline will incorporate classic principles of scale, proportion and colour to help clients develop their own style and taste for a final design that ensures timeless beauty, comfort and functionality exclusive to their needs and expectations.

“When specific design elements and concepts are chosen with care, interiors assume a power and magic all to their own. They decorate the space but they also enhance the soul.” – Caroline Harrison