March 22, 2016

At Caroline Harrison Designs, we absolutely adore wallpaper because it’s an amazing tool for making a statement, is incredibly versatile, and adds a texture and pattern that is typically not achievable with paint alone.

We love the simplicity of a well painted home, but when you really want to add a focal point and create an area of hierarchy, we believe wallpaper is a fantastic way to go.

Wallpaper is fabulous because there are endless possibilities when it comes to colours, patterns, textures, scale, etc. There truly is a perfect wallpaper for every interior design style and space. Wallpaper can manipulate the atmosphere of a room sometimes better than paint can. For example, a children’s room that incorporates wallpaper can seem whimsical, edgy, or mature – depending on the selected wallpaper, as we can see below.

Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/16565432/Childrens-Room-contemporary-kids-san-luis-obispo Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/19404043/Little-Red-Riding-Hood-contemporary-kids-melbourne


Textured wallpaper is forever a favourite because it’s dynamic and adds tons of visual interest. As we can see from the photos below, paint would not have achieved the same visual effect as wallpaper has in these spaces.

Source: Caroline Harrison Designs Inc. Source: Caroline Harrison Designs Inc. Source: Caroline Harrison Designs Inc.


Although wallpaper can be used in a variety of spaces, our favourite rooms to apply it include bedrooms (especially on the wall the headboard is against), small washrooms to add drama, dining rooms, and offices. Bold wallpaper is gorgeous and can really make a statement, but bold wallpaper can be overpowering in a room if it covers too much surface area. You want your wall covering to add to the visual value, not detract from your other furnishings and finishes.

If you are planning to cover all walls within a room, lean towards a neutral palate and a more subdued pattern. This way, the wallpaper will become a backdrop for the room and compliment each of the other finishes and furnishings. Shown below would be some of our top picks for subtler yet still beautiful wallpapers.

Source: Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics. (Halcyon Versaguard) Source: Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics. (Oxide) Source: Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics. (Veranda)


Whether covering a small or large surface area, or using a bold or subdued print – wallpaper can help transform a space, create focal points, and help achieve your desired atmosphere. Remember to always get as many samples as you can, and leave them hanging on the walls for a number of days before making the purchase. All in all, we believe wallpaper can help you fall in love with your spaces and help make your home reflect your personal style on a designer level.