Chalkboard Paint

July 22, 2015

Chalkboards have always held a special spot in my heart – I love the way they allow for a dedicated spot for lists, reminders, or doodling, while also being erasable. And with today’s technology, we are able to paint chalkboards in whatever location we desire, in whichever colour imaginable, plus we have the option of coupling it with magnetic paint. Chalkboard paint brings character to every space and literally allows you to add your personality directly on the surface.

I love the use of chalkboard paint for writing grocery lists, writing weekly reminders or tasks, or simply leaving notes for others. Chalkboard paint allows us the flexibility to use it as a feature wall, or paint it onto furniture, architectural features, or walls. I especially adore the use of chalkboard features in kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and mudrooms – often these rooms require the most organization. Below are a few pictures of some of my favourite examples of using chalkboard paint.