Bring the Greenery Inside to Kick the Winter Blues

May 20, 2018


When it is chilly and snowy outside, a great idea is to bring some warmth inside through foliage with vibrant lush greens and earthy textured tones. Large houseplants and indoor trees work well in any d├ęcor. Below are a few of my favorite ways to do this and why I try to incorporate indoor plants or trees in my clients home.

  • No matter the architecture and furnishings of the room, a little foliage looks great and harmonizes with any style.
  • Perfect for a lonely corner that is too small for a furniture piece.
  • Creates visual height to a room.
  • Plants love the humidity of a washroom, and the texture of the plants work perfect with all the hard surfaces such as tile and glass that are generally found in a washroom.
  • Try and incorporate houseplants and indoor trees into your home office. You usually spend more time than you wish in these rooms, and by being surrounding by greenery it helps to enjoy the space.IMG_0908
  • Remember the larger the leaf or tree the more toxins they can remove, so I always go as large scale as you can.
  • Succulents are great choices for people with out a green thumb and would like the greenery without the added maintenance.
  • No worries if grouping more than one different style of plant or tree, or even a combination of both. A helpful hint is to keep the pots the same to create symmetry and flow throughout the rooms.
  • South facing windows are the prime location for house plants and tress.
  • An nice finishing detail is to add moss, stones or decorative bark chips to the top off the soil.


Hopefully this helps to bring a little cheer into our snowy days.